The International students participated in the third Global Women's Development Forum
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    OnOctober 23, 2021, the third Global Women's Development Forum was held in thecity of Jiande, the birthplace of the "Qianhe Women's Spirit". ChinaWomen's University/ACWF Executive Leadership Academy, Zhejiang Women'sFederation hosted the forum, which was co-organized by CPC Jiande MunicipalCommittee and Jiande City People's Government, Hangzhou Women's Federation, andthe Global Women's Development Institute. Over 150 experts and scholars fromresearch institutions and practice fields, including domestic universities, theAcademy of Social Sciences, and party schools from across the country, attendedthe meeting. This forum was attended by eight foreign students from ourschool's eight countries.

    CaiShumin, vice chairman of the All-China Women'sFederation, secretary of the Secretariat, and member of the PartyLeadership Group, specifically mentioned Xi Jinping's, General Secretary of theCPC Central Committee, proposition at the 2020 UN General Assembly High-levelMeeting to Commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Beijing World Conference onWomen:"Women are the creators of human civilization and the drivers ofsocial progress, and they have achieved extraordinary feats in all fields ofendeavor". This proposition demonstrates China's unequivocal support forthe role and status of women as "half the sky". We put forwardChina's propositions and contributed China's wisdom and strength during theepidemic situation, focusing on the special needs of women. Simultaneously, wecontinue to strengthen global cooperation on women's issues and improve theglobal road map for women's development.

    The theme of thisconference is "Inheritance, Carrying Forward, and Innovation: Women'sLiberation and Development Under the Leadership of the Communist Party ofChina; Give Full Play to the Role of 'Half The Sky' To Achieve CommonProsperity". Guests, experts, and scholars gathered to share new trends inwomen's development research, analyze new challenges in global women's careerdevelopment, and discuss new ideas for global women's development throughroundtable discussions, keynote speeches, and three parallel forums. At thesame time, the participants actively discussed and inherited the "Women'sHalf the Sky" theory represented by the "Qianhe Women's Spirit",carried forward the new concept and mechanism of women's development in the newera of Chinese characteristics, and gave full play to women's initiative andinnovation in the digital age's transformation and development.

    Internationalstudents actively participated in all aspects of the forum and carefullylistened to the latest perspectives and research findings of experts andscholars in the field of global women's development.

    The studentsmarveled at the efforts and guarantees provided by the Chinese government inits commitment to women's equal, independent, and free development. Aftervisiting the Education Base of Qianhe Women's Spirit, learning about thestories of Qianhe Village women who stood at the forefront and led the way inChina's reform and opening-up, and inspecting the modern Qianhesao VentureStreet, Meicheng Town, the students sighed with the courage and courage ofChinese women represented by the "Qianhe Women's Spirit" who dared tolead and innovate in different eras. This forum also provides an opportunityfor international students to gain a new and meaningful perspective on China'snational conditions, read Chinese stories, and experience the allure of China.

By ZhaoDanli/Xue Bingyu