Notice on On-Line Accommodation Renewal for Current International Students
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Current dwelling students who will continue studying and living in Zhejiang University for the upcoming academic year are required to renew the accommodation online. The details are as follows:

1. Who need to renew

ØStudents, including all self-paying international students, living in Zijingang Campus and Huajiachi Campus are required to renew the accommodation on line.

2. When to renew

9:00 am, June 10th, 2023 to 17:00 pm, June 25th, 2023 (Beijing Time, GMT+8)

Note: dormitory rooms will be no longer kept for students who fail to renew their accommodation within the specific time period.

3. Website:

ØUser name: Application No. (on the Admission Notice) or Student ID; you can also acquire your user name by visiting the above website and querying your username with your passport number.

ØPassword: The last six digits or letters of your passport number (e.g. if your passport number is A123456K, and then your password is 23456K).

4. The check-in date for accommodation renewal is July 16th 2023 and the check-out date is July 15th 2024, and a discount price for an academic year is applied. If you plan to check out before July 15th 2024, please consult at the reception desk.

5. Payment Instructions: you should finish your payment online to renew your accommodation.

ØYou are required to pay the full amount of the accommodation fee. The reservation shall NOT be valid unless the fee is paid fully and successfully.

ØYou are required to bear AliPay account or bank card with logo such like UnionPay , Visa, Master or JCB. You should also ensure the function of online payment of your bank card works and your card has sufficient balance.

ØSome extra commission fee will be charged by the bank if you pay by the international credit card (VisaMaster or JCB). No extra commission fee will be charged by Alipay or UnionPay card.

ØThe online payment should be completed within 72 hours after confirming the reservation, or the system will cancel your reservation automatically.

ØYou are recommended to use FireFox or Google Chrome to make reservation and pay the accommodation fee. You could refresh the webpage or change other web explorer in case of webpage errors.

ØAfter finishing the payment, please wait patiently until the window displaying “successful”  pops up. You should click “My Account” to confirm the completed order with a successful payment.

6. Accommodation Renewal Procedures



1、 线上续订人群:此次线上续订面向紫金港校区、华家池校区全体自费国际学生(毕业生除外)。

2、 续订时间:2023年6月10日上午9:00至2023年6月25日下午17:00(北京时间,GMT+8)。特别说明:如在此期间未完成房间续订视为自动放弃校内住宿。

3、 续订网址:

 •  用户名:申请编号(见录取通知书)或学号;具体可登陆上述网址,点击“用户名找回”,通过护照号查询获得。

 • 密码:护照号码的后六位(如护照号码为A123456K,密码为23456K)。

4、 住宿日期默认为2023年7月16日至2024年7月15日,执行学年优惠价格。如预计退宿日期早于2024年7月15日,请前往总台咨询。

5、 支付说明:您需要通过网上支付完成本次续订

• 续订时,需要全额支付相应的住宿费用。只有成功完成支付后,续订方为有效。

• 您需要持有支付宝账户,或使用一张带有“银联”、Visa、Master、JCB标志的银行卡。银行卡需开通网上支付功能且有足够的支付额度。


• 网上支付需在预订确认后72小时内完成,否则视为放弃,系统会自动取消本次续订。

• 建议使用FireFox/Google Chrome等浏览器进行预订和支付操作,如果遇到错误可以尝试刷新页面或更换浏览器。


6、 续订流程