International Chinese Language

    Application Guide for Chinese Language & Culture Programs (non-degree) 

    2024 Autumn Semester

    I. General Information

    Each semester, the International College organizes Chinese language classes at elementary, intermediate and advanced levels. The spring semester starts from late February to early July. The autumn semester starts from early September to late January.


    Students are to be placed in classes that suit them best by taking a Chinese proficiency test. A semester usually consists of 17 or 18 weeks with 18 class hours of language courses per week. Besides, electives are offered for students to choose one or two courses according to the students’ interests and Chinese capacity. Upon completion of the language course, students who meet the assessment requirements will be issued with a certificate of completion from Zhejiang University. 

    In addition to the coursework, each semester, the International College would also arranges cultural visits for students of Chinese language and culture program. Students can also participate in various student clubs according to their own interests, interact and grow together with Chinese students, and experience a vibrant campus life.


    II. Course Structure

    Elementary Class: (Level 1-2)

    Teaching Target: For students who have no language foundation, or who only have basic language communication skills.

    Teaching Objectives: Through teaching, students develop an interest in language, build a solid language foundation, and acquire basic language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.


    Compulsory courses: 18 class hours per week, including10 hours of intensive reading, 4 hours of speaking and 4 hours of listening.

    Elective courses: 2-4 class hours per week, including Knowledge of Chinese Characters, Chinese Story Reading, Traditional Chinese Dance,etc.


    Intermediate Class (Level 3-5)

    Teaching Target: For students who already have a certain language foundation and are able to communicate in general spoken Chinese.

    Teaching Objective: To quickly improve learners' language skills through teaching, emphasizing the teaching of reading and writing skills, thus expanding learners' learning horizons and range of interests, and focusing on developing students' reading and writing skills.


    Compulsory courses:18 class hours per week, including 8 hours of intensive reading, 4 hours of speaking, 4 hours of reading, and 2 hours of writing.

    Elective courses: 2-4 class hours per week, including Introduction to Chinese Cities, Chinese Movies & TV Dramas, Chinese Music, Learning Chinese through Songs, Practical Chinese Writing, HSK Test Tutoring, etc.


    Advanced Class (Level 6-7)

    Teaching Target: For students with higher language level.

    Teaching Objective: To develop learners' comprehensive language quality through teaching, combining language teaching with cultural teaching, general language teaching with special-purpose language teaching, so that learners can acquire certain cross-cultural communication skills while gaining an in-depth understanding of traditional Chinese culture and contemporary China.


    Compulsory courses: 18 class hours per week, including 8 hours of intensive reading, 4 hours of speaking, 4 hours of reading, and 2 hours of writing.

    Elective classes: 2-4 hours per week, including China's Digital Economy, Approaching Contemporary China, Ancient Chinese, etc.

    NoteThe actual offering of elective courses and lecture series is subject to changes, varying from semester to semester.


    *Applicants are warmly welcome to click on the following web links to experience the Chinese language & culture courses offered by the International College of Zhejiang University:


    III. Application Duration for the first batchfor Autumn semester 2024

    From now on to May 20th, 2024.

    Note: Applicants must complete the application in the Online Application System for International Students of Zhejiang University (Link) before the deadline, provide all materials in full as required, and pay the application feeand tuition fee.


    IV. Application Fee, Tuition Fee & Insurance Fee

    1.Application fee: RMB 400 yuan  (non-refundable)

    2.Tuition fee: RMB 9000 yuan/semester

    3.Insurance fee: International students who come to Zhejiang University to study MUST purchase comprehensive medical insurance in mainland of China. For specific information, please refer to item IX.

    4.Learning Materials: actual costs

    5.Way of Payment: Application fee and tuition fee should be paid in the Online Application System for International Students of Zhejiang University (Link). If one fails to make the online payment, then one MUST pay the application fee to the University’s Bank Account (Link), and upload the remittance letter to the System.  


    V. Eligibility 

    Applicants must be between the age of 18 and 65, in good physical and mental conditions, and have graduated from high school.


    VI. Application Procedure

    1. Register an account: Login to the application system for international students of Zhejiang University (Link), register and activate your account.

    2. Submit application: Fill out the online application form for international students (Chinese Language and Culture Program) at Zhejiang University and upload the photocopy of your passport.

    3. For applicants who used to study in mainland of China, please provide certificates of your study experiences (including graduation certificates, certificates of non-degree studies, etc.); if you are currently studying in mainland of China at the time of application, please provide certificate of student status (attendance must be included).

    4. Payment of application fee: Pay the application fee (RMB 400 yuan) online.

    5. Check the application result: Applicants can check the application result by logging into the application system of Zhejiang University (Link).

    6. Payment of tuition fee: Pre-admitted students are required to log into the application system and pay tuition fee for one academic semester (RMB 9,000) within the time limit set by the university.

    7. Take a Chinese proficiency test: After confirming the receipt of the payment of tuition fee, the university will arrange the applicants to take a placement test (online) in batches to match the students' Chinese proficiency to their classes. Applicants will be notified by email of the specific arrangements for the test.


    The applicants should submit all the documents through the online application system during the application period. Incomplete materials will not be processed.

    The application fee will not be refunded regardless of the admission result.


    VII. Selection Process, admission and notification

    1. Application materials will be reviewed and enrollment will be made on the basis of competitive selection. 

    2. Relevant admission and visa application materials will be provided by the university to applicants who have completed the tuition payment.

    3. For issues including registration arrangements, dormitory applications and purchasing insurance, etc, the university will notify the enrolled applicants by email or other way before the start of the new semester.

    Special Reminder:

    1.When wiring tuition fee to the university bank account, you must fill in the application serial number, applicant’s name.

    2.The university would only reserve study places for students who have paid the tuition for the first semester in advance. If students later, for personal reasons, give up schooling or apply for withdrawal procedures after registration, the paid tuition fees for the first semester will NOT be refunded.

    3.For the admitted students who are disqualified by the university as they fail to meet the school’s registration requirements, the paid tuition fee will NOT be refunded.



    1. Admitted students shall register according to the time specified in the admission notice.

    2. The usual time for registration is in early September. The exact time will be confirmed on the admission notice.


    IX. Insurance and Physical Check-up

    1. Insurance Fee: 400 RMB yuan/semester

    According to the regulations of Ministry of Education, international students who come to our school to study for one semester or longer must purchase comprehensive medical insurance in mainland of China as a necessary requirement for their registration for the new semester. Students who fail to purchase the comprehensive medical insurance which meet certain requirements will NOT be registered by the university.

    Information related to purchasing insurance will be notified in detail before registration. The admitted students should handle insurance affairs strictly according to the instructions on the notice.

    2. Physical Check-up

    International students who will study for more than 6 months should obtain a 'Certificate of Verification of Physical Examination Record for Foreigners'. Students could have a bilingual physical examination report containing Chinese in their home country and have it verified by Zhejiang International Travel Healthcare Center (ZITHC) after arriving at school or take a physical check-up at ZITHC. Those who are ascertained upon examination as patients of any disease due to which no entry is allowed, as specified in China's laws, shall leave immediately for their home country.

    X. Accommodation 

    For accommodation details, please refer to the column of Current Students (Link) on the Website of the International College of Zhejiang University. Please refer to further notices for specific arrangement for accommodation.


    Mailing Address: 

    Room 316, International College Building,West Zone, Zijingang Campus, Zhejiang University, HangzhouChina 310058

    Tel: +86-571-87953089 

    Fax: +86-571-87951755




    Note: Please pay attention to the update of the website of the International College (Link) in time. 

    For more information, please visit the website of International College Zhejiang University or follow our Wechat official account “lxzdZJU”.

    Should  there be any change in the above content, the final interpretation from  the International College of Zhejiang University shall prevail.