About ICZU

    Established in 1997, International College of Zhejiang University is the focal point for management and coordination of international student affairs. It is also responsible for the teaching of Chinese language and culture to international students, and offering guidance and services for them. It consists of Office of General Affairs, Office of Admissions, Office of Teaching Affairs, Office of Student Affairs, Office of International Chinese Language Education, Teaching Center as well as Foreign Expert and Overseas Students Service Center. 

    International student education is an important part of the University's global strategy. The university earnestly implements national policies on international student education, actively builds the brand of Studying in ZJU, and vigorously promotes the cultivation of international talents. In 2023, more than 4,700 international students from 155 countries studied in ZJU for degrees, including around 1,800 postgraduates and 2,800 undergraduates, ranking among the top universities in China. Up to now, nearly 30,000 international students have studied in Zhejiang university. A number of outstanding graduates are working in government departments and institutions, universities and enterprises, playing an active role in promoting friendly communication and cooperation between China and other countries and enhancing international reputation of the university.

    ( Updated in February 2024 )