Notice for Senior International Students in Autumn Semester
of 2023-2024 Academic Year
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The autumn semester of the 2023-2024 academic year will begin soon!


We hereby inform you of the following matters concerning the opening of the new semester:



Online Pre-Registration


All students are required to log into the international student management system of Zhejiang University between September 10th and September 13th for online pre-registration. (, please log in by user name of student ID number and your password. The initial password: last 6 digits of your passport, if you didn’t change it, please change the password after login).



Pay the Tuition Fees


Please pay the tuition fees in advance before applying pre-registration online (Please do NOT pay the tuition fees if you have met the withdrawal requirements or if you need to withdraw or suspend your studies for personal reasons.) and check your passport number, living address, contact number and email address.



If you already changed passport or living address, you should apply to change in the system first. Your contact number and email address can be updated directly through ‘Semester Registration’.





International Student Insurance



Each student must purchase insurance. When you pre-register online, you must submit your electronic insurance guarantee slip. Students who have not purchased insurance should purchase insurance in time and then register.

(Click to obtain: Insurance Purchase Guide for International Students )


Return to School and Onsite Registration


According to the requirements, all students should complete the onsite registration on September 14th. Please make your plan in advance and complete registration in time.



Undergraduate students: Room 414, Office of Teaching Affairs,

International College Building, Zijingang Campus



Postgraduate students: Room 412, Office of Teaching Affairs,

International College Building, Zijingang Campus



Language students: Room 205, Office of International Chinese Education,

Chu Kochen Hall of International Education, Yuquan Campus



Special Attention

1. 在校生可凭电子校园卡和本人护照进出校园。

At the moment, all students use the Zhejiang University electronic card and passport to enter and exit the campus. 

2. 无法按时参加现场报到注册的同学,需办理请假手续,申请暂缓报到注册,否则以旷课论处。一个长学期里请假时间超过4周的,应申请办理休学手续。

Students who fail to do the onsite registration in time should apply for leave and delayed registration. Those who fail to make the application shall be regarded as being absent from school without leave. Students who have taken more than four weeks off during a long semester should apply for a suspension.