Notice for New International Students Registration 2023
(Non-degree Chinese Language Program)
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Dear New International Students,


Welcome to Zhejiang University! Please find the information of registration (for Non-degree Chinese Language Program) as follows:



  Online Registration


First of all, all the new student should log in to your personal account in the International Student Application System of Zhejiang University (, and fill in the modules of ‘Freshmen Gateway’ and ‘Freshmen Registration’ before September 12. Student ID number could be found on the left top of the home page starting with Y23099XXXX.



To Apply for Electronic Campus Card to enter campus


Notice: New students can enter the campus with the Admission Notice and your passport on September 12th and 13th.



After receiving the invitation message from ZJU DingTalk, please click Confirm to join ZJU DingTalk. Click the emblem of Qiushi Eagle at the bottom. as you log on for the first time. It should lead to the page of ZJU Unified Identity Authentication where you could log on (username: student ID number; password: last 6 digits of your passport number); if not, click the arrow button at the upper left corner and choose “浙江大学” (Zhejiang University). You will receive the Electronic Campus Card by click 校园电子卡after successfully logging in.



Arrangement for Onsite Registration

1. 线下报到时间:912139:30-16:30

Dates & Time for Onsite registration: 9:30-16:30, September 12 and 13.

2. 线下报到地点:杭州市西湖区浙大路38浙江大学玉泉校区竺可桢大楼一楼大厅。(建议新生同学们从距离竺可桢国际教学院大楼最近的西溪路北校门入校)

Location of Onsite Registration:  Lobby, the 1st floor of the Chu Kochen Hall on Yuquan campus, No.38, Zheda Road, Hangzhou.(You are strongly advised to enter from the North gate on Xixi Road, which would be much closer to the building)

3. 线下报到需携带材料:照片、录取通知书复印件、护照首页复印件、签证页复印件、入境时间复印件。

Materials required for Onsite Registration: Your ID photos, copy of admission notice, copy of passport first page, copy of visa page, and copy of entry time page.



All the new students are required to complete the online registration before the onsite registration. If you fail to reach and register on campus on 12th and 13th September, please go to Office 205, 2F, Chu Kochen Hall to complete registration before the deadline of 27th September. Failure to report after the deadline will be regarded as automatic abandonment of enrolment qualification.



To Apply for Physical Campus Card 



After completing the on-site registration procedure, you can go to the Campus Card Centre (Yuquan Campus) to apply for a physical campus card, which can be used for meals in the cafeteria and other on-campus purchases. A large number of students are expected on the days of registration, please stay patient and choose a suitable time to apply for the card.

Address of Campus Card Center (Yuquan Campus): Opposite to Ethnic Dinging Hall