Mid Autumn Festival & National Day Holiday Arrangements and Kind Reminders
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Mid Autumn Festival & National Day holiday schedule is as follows:

1.放假时间:9 月29 日(星期五)至10 月6 日(星期五)放假调休,共8 天。


1.Holiday time: Sep. 29 (Friday) to Oct. 6 (Friday), 8 days in total.

2.The classes on Oct.5 (Thursday) and Oct.6 (Friday) will be swapped with those on Oct.7th (Saturday) and Oct. 8 (Sunday), respectively.


Leaving School Reporting 

假期离校同学,请务必在国际学生管理系统(中提交 “离校报备”。校内住宿的同学还需在离校与返校时宿舍楼前台登记。

During the vacation, when leaving school please be sure to submit the Report for leaving campusin the international student management system ( 

Students living on campus should also register at the dormitory reception when leaving and returning to school.

Safety Reminders


Pay attention to the safety of food, transportation, personal property and activities in holiday, strengthen the awareness of self-protection and safety prevention, and timely call the police in case of emergency.


When traveling, please take the passport with you and be sure to take care of your valuables.If entering China, traveling to a new city, staying in a hotel or renting an apartment, please complete the accommodation registration within 24 hours.


Please obey the traffic regulations. It is not allowed to drive non-motor vehicles or high-power motorcycles without a license or without authorization. Do not over-speed or overload. Drunk driving and drag racing are strictly prohibited. Do not run red lights and do not drive in the wrong direction. when a vehicle passes a crosswalk, the driver should yield to the pedestrians.Please keep low speed on campus.


Be careful of harmfulness fraud and pyramid schemes, guard against all kind of traps, take good care of your belongings, don’t store cash and valuables in the dormitory.


Avoid accidental injuries caused by traffic accidents, drowning, natural disasters, food poisoning, crowding and trampling.

5. 请保持健康作息和饮食习惯。不要过量饮酒,以免伤害身体。

Please keep healthy daily routines and dietary habits. Do not drink much to avoid harming your health.


Notes for Students Staying in School


Students who stay in school should keep room cards of your own dormitories. Do not lend the room cards to others or ask others to keep them, do not let outsider of dormitory to stay in your dorm. Pay attention to the safety of electricity, water, gas, etc. Do not cook food in the dormitory, prohibit the use of illegal electrical appliances to eliminate fire accidents caused by those electrical appliances. Please strictly abide by the dormitory regulations, and do not make noise or affect others.Also attention should be paid to whoever enter the dormitory if you have notice any suspicious situation, please take the initiative to inquire and report the problem to the security office in time.