Notice for Senior International Students in Spring Semester of 2023-2024 Academic Year
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The spring semester of the 2023-2024 academic year will begin soon!


We hereby provide you with the following information regarding the commencement of the new semester:



Online Pre-Registration


All students are required to log in to the international student management system of Zhejiang University between February 19 and February 22 to complete online pre-registration. (, please log in by user name of student ID number and your password. The initial password is the last 6 digits of your passport.If you didn’t change it, please change the password after login).



Before online pre-registration, if you have a new passport or have changed the living address, please update this information in Passport change or Off-campus housing.


During online pre-registration, please carefully verify your contact information (phone number and email address) to ensure accuracy.Some important notices of the university will be delivered by the above contact information. If the phone number and email address is incorrect, please be sure to update it in Semester Registration.



International Student Insurance


Every student must purchase insurance. When you pre-register online, you must submit your electronic insurance guarantee slip. Students who have not yet purchased insurance should do so before online pre-registration .

(Click to obtain: Insurance Purchase Guide for International Students )



Return to School and Onsite Registration


According to the requirements of the school, students should complete the onsite registration procedures on February 23. Please make advance arrangements for your return to school and bring your student ID book to the respective locations for registration on February 23.



Undergraduate Students: Room 420, 

International College Building, Zijingang Campus



Postgraduate Students: Room 112,

International College Building, Zijingang Campus



Language Students: Ground Floor,

Chu Kochen Hall of International Education, Yuquan Campus



Special Attentions

1. 在校生可凭电子校园卡和本人护照进出校园。

At the moment, all students can use the Zhejiang University electronic card  and passport to enter and exit the campus.

2. 如有特殊情况不能按时参加现场报到注册的同学办理请假手续,申请暂缓注册。如超过学校规定期限未注册超过2周,且未履行暂缓注册手续的,根据学校规定,应给予退学处理。

Students who are unable to attend the onsite registration on time due to exceptional circumstances are required to apply for leave and defer registration. Those who fail to register within the stipulated two-week period without applying for leave, should be subject to withdrawal from the university according to the regulations.