International Student Chinese Performing Arts Gala
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��Dream Trip in Zhejiang�� International Student Chinese Performing Arts Gala, sponsored by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education, undertaken by Zhejiang University was held on Zijingang Campus on the afternoon of Dec 8th, 2007. Mr. Zhong Shan,  Vice-Governor of Zhejiang Province, Mr. Lou Xiaodong, Vice Secretary General of provincial  government, Mr. Liu Xiping, Director of Provincial Department of Education, Professor Ye Gaoxiang,Vice-Chancellor of the university, Professor Zhu Jun, Vice-President of the university together with leaders, guests from 21 universities and colleges across Zhejiang Province and 500-odd international and Chinese students attended the event.

Before the stage performance began, provincial and university leaders gave out awards to the winners of the��Zhejiang Province International Students Calligraphy, Painting & Photography Contest��. Hundreds of overseas students from 20 universities and colleges all over the province have sent their works to the contest.

Several students of Zhejiang University, Miss Anna Sushkevica from Latvia, Mr. Hatrong Duy from Vietnam, Miss Kim Hyo Jin and Mr. Kim Nam Hoon from Korea won first, second and third grade prizes respectively. Seven other overseas students from ZJU also got prizes for their wonderful works of art.

The gala commenced around 3 p.m. after the awarding ceremony for the contest. Australian student Mr. Jason Matthews, Korean student Miss Park Min Jeong and American student Mr. Drew Barber together with two other overseas students from other schools and two professionals from Zhejiang TV station, hosted the gala with their fluent and humorous Chinese. Students from more than 40 countries from 10 universities and college staged songs
and dances, sketches, Chinese Gong-fu and so on, winning one burst of applause after another.

Students from Zhejiang University presented the audience with two programs. Assorted Chinese folk songs brought back the familiar melodies and the student singers wittily changed some of the lyrics to express their thanks to local people��s care and concern about them.

Paradise on Earth, a program combined song and dance, with the excellent performance of Miss Vaitiuk Darina, the leading singer from Belarus reached the climax of the whole gala.