Promoting Zhejiang University in Vietnam
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Prof. Wang Wenlong and Miss. Zhou Xiaoling from the International College of Zhejiang University attended the 6th Chinese Education Exhibition in Vietnam organized by the China Scholarship Council of Ministry of Education from March 20th to 29th, 2009.

China and Vietnam are neighboring countries joined by common mountains and rivers and the peoples of the two countries held a friend ship of long history. China, with its convenient location, easy transportation, similar customs, high quality education and relatively low cost of study and living, has become a favorite destination country when Vietnamese students plan to study abroad. There is a promising market of overseas study in Vietnam. Besides Zhejiang University, 22 other prestigious Chinese universities, including Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and so on also participated in the education exhibition.
This year��s China Education Exhibition, held in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, gained much attention and high popularity among the Vietnamese students and their parents, local government and media. The comprehensiveness, international competitiveness and multiple scholarships attracted numerous Vietnamese students and their parents. More than 300 people came to the booth of Zhejiang University to ask various questions and all received warm and patient introduction from our teachers, covering all the important aspects of studying in Zhejiang University, for example, the academic strength, admission policies and procedures and application for scholarships and so on. Many local universities and institutions also expressed their wishes and interests in establishing further cooperation with Zhejiang University.

During the course of the exhibition, in addition to introducing and promoting their own school, teachers from Zhejiang University also grasped the chance to make research and investigation on Vietnam��s higher education system and its recent development, the sources of future students and so on. The university delegates also exchanged ideas and shared experiences with colleagues from other Chinese universities joining the exhibition on international student-related issues, such as the enrollment policies, the mode of education, management and service.

(Written by ZHOU Xiaoling, translated by XU Xiaohang)