Guests from Asturias Business School Visited ICZU
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On March 29th 2009, a group of guests led by Mr. Jose Luis Gaitan Castillo, Member of Board of Directors, from FENA-Asturias Business School (Spain) visited the International College. Prof. Liu Hui, Vice-Dean of the College met with the visitors.

Prof. Liu extended welcome to the guests and introduced to them the basic information about Zhejaing University and international student education of the University. Both parties agreed that to expand the cooperation between the two schools on the current basis is not only important to the two schools, but will also benefit a lot the strengthening of the relationship between Zhejiang Province and Principado de Asturias.

Since 2006, Asturias Business School (ABS) has sent about 70 students to our university. Currently there are 20 ABS students studying in the university. During the talk, the Spanish guests also invited teachers and students from Zhejiang University to their school to do academic exchange or study in the future.


(Written by XU Xiaohang)