Sidelights of Chinese Bridge Winter Camp - PART I
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��Parting is sorrowful, since olden days.�� Miss. FU An-ning, or Annetta Fotopoulos as is her English name, quoted a line from a widely loved traditional Chinese poem by Liu Yong, a famous poet living in North Song Dynasty (AD 960-1127) while hosting the stage performance at the farewell banquet for the Chinese Bridge Winter Camp, and she continued: ��but I don��t feel sad now because what we experienced is just a few days in the winter of Hangzhou, we still have Spring, Summer and Fall waiting for us.��

The quoting fully showed how well Miss. Annetta Fotopoulos commanded the Chinese language and also spoke the students�� minds. The three weeks that the 77 college students from Cornell and San Jose had spent in China left with them many memorable moments, a study abroad experience which impressed them deeply and may be even life-turning for at least some of them.

After spending one week in Beijing, the 77 students from the two US universities, Cornell University and San Jose State University, arrived in Hangzhou on January 2nd, 2010 to begin a two-week winter camp in Zhejiang University.

The immersion experience was loaded with short but well-tailored Chinese language courses, cultural lectures on different topics and a variety of activities, such as sightseeing tours and museum visits around the city, one-day excursions to Wuzhen and Shanghai, lab visit, social events with local students and so on for the students to see different aspects of China, the beautiful natural scenery, rich cultural and historic heritage, the campus life of their Chinese peers and booming economy.

Here are some pieces of the flashbacks. We would like to invite you to join us to relive the exhilarating and unforgettable two weeks.

I.  A Lecture on Chinese Economy
Prof. WU Xiaobo, the Dean of the School of Management, explains the secret of the fast-developing and dynamic economy of China.

II. Into the real business world--Company Visit to Wahaha and Coke
Seeing is believing. Students went to Wahaha, China��s own food and beverage giant and its major competitor in the market, Cocoa-Cola, a typical successful example of joint venture in HEDA, Hangzhou Economic & Technological Development Area.