Continuous Stream of Visits of European Guests
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Several distinguished guests from European universities visited the International College in the end of October.

     A group of guests from Malmö University, Sweden led by its Pro Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Eva Engquist visited the International College and held talks with Prof. Wang Li, Dean of the International College on October 26th.

     On the same day, another group of guests led by Prof. Regis Lengelle from Universit�� de Technologie de Troyes (UTT), France also came to the college to meet with the dean and other teachers concerned.

     On October 29th, an old friend, Prof. R. Momen, from La Universidad Ramon Llull (URL), Barcelona, Spain once again visited the International College.

     Prof. R. Momen used to work as the vice rector responsible for international relations from 2002 to the beginning of this year and now is still working in this field.

     Dr. Nini L. Yang, Director of China Office of the University of Edinburgh visited for the first time on November 15th and promised to strengthen its cooperation with Zhejiang University from now on.

     Talks between the host and the European guests covered various issues concerning expanding exchange and deepening collaboration between Zhejiang University and its European partners, including more exchange students, setting up short-term summer programs and possibilities of offering joint degree programs for master��s degree and doctoral degree studies.

     Malmö University was founded in 1998. Located in the centre of Malmö, the university has played a central role in the transformation of Malmö from industrial town to centre of learning. 

     University of Technology of Troyes (UTT), established in 1994, is a public French university located in Troyes. The UTT is part of the network of the three universities of technology, UTC, UTBM and UTT, a French mixture between the universities of the country and its schools of engineers. 

     The Ramon Llull University (URL), founded in 1990, based in Barcelona, is a private, non profit-making university providing a public service. Its aim is to offer quality in training, person-centered, to meet society's needs.

     The University of Edinburgh, founded in 1583, is an internationally renowned centre for teaching and research in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. It was the fourth university to be established in Scotland and is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious universities in Europe, having consistently being placed among leading universities in the world.

                          ��Written by LU Zhengzhong��translated by XU Xiaohang��