TNU Delegation from Vietnam Visited International College
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A group of 14 Vietnamese guests, led by Prof. Chu Hoang Mau, Vice President of Thai Nguyen University (TNU) visited the International College on November 8th, 2010. Prof. Liu Hui, Vice Dean of the college welcomed the visitors.

Prof. Liu introduced to the guests the role the International College played and the general picture of the international student education in our university, with emphasis on its features and strength and the scholarships Zhejiang University offered to the international students, hoping there would be more and more Vietnamese students coming to our university and more faculty exchange as well.

Prof. Chu Hoang Mau, on behalf of the delegation, expressed their gratitude for the hospitality of Prof. Liu and He also gave brief introduction of Thai Nguyen University to the host and pointed out TNU would very much like to strengthen its tie with Zhejiang University in different aspects, including students, faculty and executive administrators exchanges since the latter is well known in his country as one of the most prestigious Chinese universities. Both sides agreed to keep in touch with each other and work further on details for cooperation projects.

Mr. Lu Zhengzhong, the Director of the Admission Office of the International College, Mr. Yi Honghui and Mr. Wang Jian were also present at the meeting.

(Written by YI Honghui; translated by XU Xiaohang)