Summer Program of Universität Passau Ended Successfully
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Autumn is always an exciting time not only because it has the most comfortable weather, but also as the season of harvest and achievement. September 23rd was a beautiful and unforgettable day for 28 students from theUniversityofPassausince they successfully completed their four-week study in International College of Zhejiang University.

Prof. XU Weimin, Vice Dean of theInternationalCollege, Mr. Hu Zhengming from the Office of International Relations, the Chinese teachers and program coordinators attended the closing ceremony held by theInternationalCollegefor the students fromPassau.

The banquet was held with relaxing atmosphere where teachers and students enjoyed a wonderful time together, sharing their great experiences inZhejiangUniversity.

Prof. Xu, Vice Dean of International College offered a remark with sincerity and great sense of humor. Prof. Xu said: ��It is a great honor to join you here and thank you for choosing the International College of ZJU to further your Chinese language study. I��ve never been toGermanybefore, however, thanks to my friends, Immanuel Kant and Ludwig Wittgenstein, the great philosophers, I get to know something aboutGermany. I am very pleased to notice that some of you are immersed in Chinese language study after your four weeks study here, while some of you fell in love withHangzhou,China. I look forward to meeting you again in ZJU or somewhere inHangzhou. By the way, please keep me informed with any latest research progress of those philosophers.��

The banquet culminated in an exciting atmosphere when Prof. Xu awarded the program certificates to each and every student. A group picture was taken at the end of the banquet with teachers�� best wishes to the students and warm welcome to their future visits.

(Written by QIAN Haiduo)