2021 Fire Evacuation Drill held in International Student Dormitory Buildings
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    In order to effectively improve the awareness of fire safety among teachers and students, and to promote the in-depth development of winter fire safety  practice, the International College, together with the University Security Department, organized a fire emergency evacuation drill on November 10. A total of more than 100 international students, teachers and staff participated in the drill.

    At 2:30p.m, with the sound of the fire alarm and the announcement of the fire emergency radio, the 2021 fire evacuation drill has officially kicked off.

    Smoke gradually filled the whole hall of C2 apartment building. The responsible staff of each floor promptly organized teachers, students and staff to evacuate in accordance with the drill plan. With everyone using the escape route to get out of the building, the whole drill went smoothly.

    After the fire escape drill, Ms. Xu Ying, vice dean of the International College, pointed out some non-standard behaviors during the escape drill and emphasized on the importance of fire safety and the observation of dormitory rules. Mr. Gu Dongjian, director of the Fire Emergency Office of the University Security Department, explained the emergency disposal procedures, the correct behaviors and escape skills in a fire emergency.

    To further consolidate the practical effect, Mr. Wang Jian from the Service Center of  International College demonstrated the correct operation procedures of fire extinguishers on the spot. He urged everyone to personally experience how to put out the fire. In the process, the Fire Emergency Office personnel present offered detailed and patient guidance.

    This drill, on the one hand, popularized fire precautions and the knowledge of how to escape correctly, how to standardize the use of fire extinguishers and so on for all. On the other hand, it makes the abstract safety awareness into concrete actual combat exercises. It greatly enhanced the safety awareness and self-protection skills of teachers and students. As a result, it laid a solid foundation for the construction of the  "Safe and Harmonious Campus" .

Author/MA Li