International Students and Alumni Talk about 20th CPC Conference: My View of Today's China
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On the occasion of the 20th CPC National Congress, International College of Zhejiang University recently held the first Autumn TrailWalk and a panel discussion on the 20th National Congress for International Students and Alumni of Zhejiang University. International students and alumni from Zhejiang University learned about contemporary China during the TrailWalk and talked about the 20th CPC National Congress in the West Lake.

On that day, nearly 20 International students and alumni of Zhejiang University set off from the Yuquan Campus of Zhejiang University and arrived at the destination of TrailWalk, the Age of Innocence Bookstore, after two hours’ hiking. The osmanthus flowers are blooming outside, International students and alumni shared their views on the issues of economy, health, community of human destiny, Chinese modernisation and Chinese cultural heritage raised in the 20th CPC National Congress, taking into account their respective majors.

Nang Yein Kham, a Burmese student majoring in International Business and Economics, believes that President Xi Jinping's proposal in his 20th CPC National Congress report to adhere to a high level of opening up to the world and accelerate the building of a new development pattern with a large domestic cycle as the mainstay and dual domestic and international cycles promoting each other will greatly enhance the balance, coordination and sustainability of China's economic development. I believe that China's economic development will move towards a higher quality, more efficient, more equitable and more sustainable direction.

Hazeera Begun, A medical student from India shares her view of human beings’ health: “I think The enjoyment of health is the common aspiration of all mankind, and maintaining global public health security is the common responsibility of all countries in the world. At present, the COVID-19 epidemic is fluctuating, the global economy is struggling to recover, and the world is entering a new period of turbulence and change. In the face of this serious situation, President Xi Jinping proposed to build a community of human health. This major initiative plays an important leading role in strengthening global confidence in the fight against the epidemic and working together to deal with the global public health crisis. It is also an important part of promoting the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind.”

Dr Adel, a Yemeni international alumnus currently working at Hangzhou Shulan Hospital, said that he had watched the 20th National Congress with his colleagues at the hospital and had been following its progress. He said that he deeply agreed with the concept of more work, more payback emphasized in the 20th National Congress, and joining Shulan Hospital as a doctor and working hard and diligently, like millions of Chinese on duty, was the best response to the 20th CPC National Congress.

Alekseeva Alena, Head of Studies at the International Students Union of Zhejiang University, this youthful Russian student, described vividly about her impressions of China since coming here. Before I came to China, my impression of China was of Chinese people working hard in the fields. However, as my plane landed in China for the first time, I was very impressed by the infrastructure of the city. Later I saw many things that I had not seen in my hometown, such as the high-speed train, shared bicycles and easy-to-use payment, which made my life in China very convenient and were the best expression of China's modernisation. Coming to Zhejiang University to study also gave me many different opportunities to see more things and experience the development and progress of China from different aspects.

Regarding the shared future of human being, Khan Humayun shared his opinion:“I think that the previous years have brought tremendous challenges for the global health fraternity and so it’s really important to invest in the health sector and improve the cooperation between the medical working professionals and hospitals. China has done a commendable job in this regard by gathering all the information and making sure that all the safety precautions reach every individual of the country so that we can fight the diseases like Corona as a team together. In addition, also invested in making the vaccines and then distributing it to other nations especially the poorer ones and helped them to fight the pandemic. I am really happy to see that and hope that this medical cooperation between the countries continues.”

Lee Yean Fang, a PhD student majoring in linguistics from Malaysia, introduced  Confucius China Study Plan to the students and called on them to pay attention to the Chinese studies and learn more about the excellent traditional Chinese culture, which is the spiritual bond of Chinese people all over the world.

Those who share the same vision stay together. Friends from different countries met at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China out of their dreams. These from different backgrounds  are focusing on the 20th CPC National Congress and interpreting it from their own fields. We hope that the new blueprint and atmosphere brought by the 20th CPC National Congress will inspire more International students to know, appreciate and love China.

This Trailwalk 2022 was organised by International College of Zhejiang University and hosted by the Master Teacher Studio for International Students of Zhejiang University.

Text | YE Xiaoran

Photo | ZHENG Fangping