Zhejiang Dream Carnival Series Event
- International Students of Zhejiang University Visit "Huangdi Jinyun"
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International students from International College went to Jinyun County in southern Zhejiang Province as participators of “Zhejiang Dream Carnival” on March 4-5 which is a cultural tour for foreign students. This event intended to help international students experience traditional Chinese culture and Zhejiang folk customs, and perceive the achievements of rural revitalization and development in Zhejiang. 

Our 24 international students from 15 countries including Russia, Serbia, India, Korea and Malaysia went to ‘Huangdi Jinyun’ altogether with other international students from 6 other universities in Zhejiang Province. They fully appreciated the beauty of Zhejiang’s ecological environment among the green mountains and clear waters, had a sense of Zhejiang’s cultural connotation through local folk customs, and obtained a better understanding of Zhejiang’s historical deposits. Therefore, the theme South China is a land of poetry and painting, as Zhejiang is a place of vitality was vividly demonstrated by the picturesque landscape of Jinyun.

 In the morning of March 4, the international students came to visit the Circular Characteristic Farm in Huanglong. In the square-inch live room displayed the vast world where digital technology enabled rural revitalization. The Soil-less cultivation allows international students to feel the charm of China's strategy promoting agriculture by applying scientific and technological advances. The integrated industry of agriculture, culture and tourism, characterized by modern circular agriculture, informed the international students of the ever-changing development of modern agriculture in China.

International students joined in the Jinyun Shaobing (Baked cake in griddle) and Jinyun noodles making one after another and worked together as one. The moment the international student could have a taste of the freshly baked Jinyun Shaobing and Jinyun noodles, the profound Chinese food culture was imperceptibly engraved in their memories.

In the afternoon, international students arrived at Heyang Ancient Residence and visited the massive architectural complex built in Ming and Qing Dynasty in the thousand-year-old village. They were all impressed by the exquisite layout of ancestral halls, streets and water systems. In addition, they also learned the art of Paper Cuttings and calligraphy, and experienced the extraordinary wisdom.They interested in the life of our working people from every fold and cut of paper and every stroke they wrote.

On March 5, the international students jointly participated in the grand scale ceremony of Huangdi's Ritual to gain a sense of the Chinese ancestral culture. The live blessing performance of Xuanyuan Zan in the ceremony was rich in connotation and far-reaching influence. All international students watched it carefully, and by immersing themselves in the solemn ceremony, they gradually strengthened their respect and admiration for the 5000-year-old Chinese civilization, and shared the eternal spiritual power of the Chinese nation. After the ceremony, the students continued to visit Xuanyuan Hall and the Huaizu Hall, where they gained a better understanding of the profound meaning of descendants of Yandi and Huangdi  and was fascinated by the excellent traditional Chinese culture.

This event further strengthened international students' understanding of China's simple folkway and time-honored culture. Through the immersive and panoramic experience and laughter, together they built a new platform for cultural and people-to-people exchanges between China and foreign countries.

" The experience was very special. The visit in Jinyun County was very interesting. I’m glad that I also participated in the making of Jinyun noodles. "


" Every year I actively participate in the ‘Zhejiang Dream Carnival’ event. I love modern literature and have read Border Town written by Shen Congwen. The cultural visit experience gave me the opportunity to get in touch with local folk customs. The ancient houses in Heyang have also inspired my desire to continue exploring Chinese culture. "