The Second Academic Salon for International Students Successfully Held
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The second event of the International Students Academic Salon was successfully held on May 24th in Zijingang campus. Hosted by the International College and organized by the International Students Academic Club, the International Students Academic Salon is a series of engaging activities. It serves as a platform for academic exchange and discussion among Chinese and international students, fostering academic innovation, improving expression abilities, and shaping a global perspective. 

The theme of this Academic Salon was Engineering and Technology in which Dr. Muhammad Awais (Pakistan), a 2023 alumnus from College of Electrical Engineering, doctoral student Ali Matin Nazar (Iranian) from College of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Shabab Hussain (Pakistan) from School of Materials and Engineering, Ijaz Haroon (Pakistan) from College of Computer Science and Technology and Kazim Raza (Pakistan) from College of Optical Science and Engineering prepared outstanding presentations on the given theme and shared their research techniques and works with the audience. Muhammad Sajjad, from Pakistan, a doctoral student majoring in Civil Engineering and Architecture, hosted the Academic Salon which was attended by more than 20 international and Chinese students from various departments.

The first speaker of the event was Mr. Ali Matin Nazar, a 2022 Ph.D. student in civil engineering, hailing from Iran. He shared his research experiences on Harnessing the Power of Innovation in Research. He provided a comprehensive introduction to various methodologies and approaches that can assist students in their research work. He discussed his own innovations and patents, emphasizing that he was able to develop these ideas using creative methodologies. He advised the students in the audience that reading more and staying up-to-date with knowledge are the best ways to advance in the field of research.

Mr. Shabab Hussain, a 2019 Ph.D. student majoring in Materials Science shared his experience on Nanomaterials-Based Desalination Membranes. He presented experimental evidence showing that novel porous nanomaterials-based advanced membranes can efficiently desalinate salty water, potentially replacing conventional polymeric membranes.

Mr. Ijaz Haroon, a Ph.D. student majoring in Computer Science, presented a report titled “From Science Fiction to Reality: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Our Daily Life”. He discussed the multifarious applications of artificial intelligence in different fields including healthcare, education, business, entertainment, and scientific research. He said that all the while we are benefitting from this revolutionary technology, we should also pay heed to potential risks related with the unethical and socially unacceptable usage of artificial intelligence. 

Mr. Kazim Raza, who is pursuing a doctoral degree at the School of Optical Science and Engineering from 2021 session, presented on the potential of deep learning and single-spectrum ultraviolet imaging for detecting hazardous and noxious substances spills. These spills can cause severe damage to both offshore and onshore ecology, and his research aims to develop effective detection methods.

Dr. Muhammad Awais, a post-doctoral fellow in electrical engineering, gave an online presentation to share his research results on futuristic high-voltage insulation materials for advanced and efficient electrical power equipment operating under extreme environments of high electric field, high frequency, and high temperatures. His research outcomes have been successfully applied to enhance the power density and efficiency of medium-frequency transformers and power electronic packaging devices.

After each presentation, the students in the audience were given the opportunity to ask questions. The thoughtful and comprehensive questions from the audience reflected their keen interest in the topics presented, making the Academic Salon an engaging and intellectually stimulating session. 

Mr. Lu Zhengzhong, Deputy Dean of the International College, and teachers from the Students Affairs Office also participated in the activity.

Dr. Liu Cong, a doctoral counsellor of the International College and the mentor of the International Students Academic Club, said in her speech that the path to academic research is challenging yet exciting. International College will continue to build a platform for academic exchange and discussion for Chinese and international students, enlightening scientific thinking and broadening academic horizons.

Mr. Lu Zhengzhong, the Deputy Dean of the International College expressed gratitude to the participants and the speakers for their wonderful presentations and appreciated the efforts of the organizers in successfully conducting the Academic Salon. He sincerely welcomed students' valuable comments on the Academic Salon activities and the work of the International College. Mr. Lu said that the college will continue to serve the development of students and explore new directions and paths for innovative talent cultivation models.

In order to further explore innovative ways to engage high-level international students in skills development and build an open and diversified academic exchange platform for Chinese and international students, the International College plans to establish the International Students Academic Club and will continue to hold a series of related activities.

After the Academic Salon activity, Chris gave a briefing on the purpose, structure and future development goals of the proposed International Students Academic Club.  Group interviews were conducted followed by the briefing for the recruitment of executive members of the club. We hope that the International Students Academic Club will grow as a common platform for Chinese and International students where they will nurture and polish their skills collaboratively and collectively.

Article / M. Hassan Sarfraz and Liu Cong

Photos / Nan Xianghuan