Arriving with Autumn Rhymes, Attending the Feast of Arts | The Autumn Culture & Arts Performance of ISAG Successfully Concluded
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On November 5th, the Zhejiang University International Student Art Group (ISAG)s Maple Rhymeautumn theatrical performance was successfully held at the Zijingang Campus Cultural Plaza. This  event  aims to enrich the campus cultural life, showcase  the cultural and artistic diversity of Zhejiang University students, and promote exchanges and  communications between Chinese and foreign students. The atmosphere was warm, adding infinite warmth to this cold autumn day.


Sharing Dazzling Arts under the Rising Maple

At 4:30 p.m., the sunshine fell on the Cultural Square, lighting up the stage belonging to the international student art group. With melodious and lively music , confident and clear dance steps, performers from various countries including Thailand, Morocco, Malaysia and other countries sang and danced a cheerful Live While We are Young, which showed the excellent spirit of international students, attracting  large student audience. The performers used a variety of art forms including singing, dancing, crosstalk, Chinese orchestra, and 24 festive drums etc., to give wonderful performances, showing the diverse styles of international students.

As the sun sets, the sea of stars illuminates the stage. The students showed the charm of diverse arts with beautiful songs, cheerful dances and dynamic drum rhythms. The audience gave the warmest applause and cheers, praising the performers!

A Feast of Diversified Culture and Art

The traditional Indian dance Desi Boys, Filipino song Pasilyoa, 24 festive drums from Malaysia,and the traditional Vanuatu dance Paradisia...,  performers from all over the world vividly displayed the culture of their countries with sincere emotions,  breaking the shackles of language, conveying enthusiasm through singing and dancing.

Meanwhile, the students also step out of their comfort zones,  singing songs in different languages, learning folk dances from other cultures, etc.. They have gained friendship, care, communication and understanding together Finally, the performance of Cheers in six languages brought a lot of surprises to the audience, and the debut of International Crosstalk Show Braggingalso had the audience burst into laughter.

Autumn blessings, warm and sincere

The ISAG also prepared the First Blessing of Autumn message event to convey warmth and goodwill. The audience enthusiastically  went to the message platform to receive maple leaf postcards handmade by ISAG members and wrote down their best wishes to others.

Beneath the beautiful words flows the warmth of friendships that transcend cultural differences. In genuine smiles, there lies the embrace of wonderful dreams for the future, as we walk hand in hand towards them.

Accompanied by the glittering starlight,  the performance ended successfully in the night. ISAG will continue to show more possibilities with everyone with full enthusiasm, looking forward to see you in the future!

Thanks to the Foundation of Student Association of Zhejiang University for supporting this event


Text |Chan Yu Hang, Tham Yun Xuan, Jin Jienan

Photos | International Student Art Group