Prize Ceremony and the Exhibition of the 2023 Photography Contest Held Successfully
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On the 29th of December 2023, the prize ceremony and exhibition of the 2023 Photography Contest were held successfully at the Ground Floor of the International College of Zhejiang University.

At 11:00 a.m., fellow students and teachers gathered together for the prize ceremony, which was held at the ground floor of the International College at Zijingang Campus. Staffs attended the ceremony and presented the winners with prizes and certificates.

The First Prize Winner

The Second Prize Winner

The Third Prize Winner

The Consolation Prize Winner

Students of different cultural backgrounds sent in their submissions for the photography contest organized by the International College of Zhejiang University, with co-organizer ZJUFOTO and operated by Zhejiang University Foreign Expert & Student Service Centre and the International College Student New Media Centre(ICSNMC). Through their submissions, we have seen the beauties of our world captured within our campus grounds.

See the unseen

Hear what they say




Ruth Tiang(Malaysia)

Adam Maguire Wilson(Ireland)

At twilight, campus is framed by a sky ablaze with colours that echo the university's vibrant pursuit of knowledge, mirrored in the tranquil lake below—a canvas reflecting the convergence of academic vigor and serene nature. 

Anna Van(Russia)


Junyu Denise Li(Malaysia)


Saboor Saeed(Pakistan)

My photography focused on capturing the essence of the ZJU dormitory, portraying the unique atmosphere and experiences of campus life through my lens.



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