The 2nd MUNC for Chinese and International Students ZJU Successfully Held!
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On April 13th and 14th, 2024, the 2nd Model United Nations Conference for Chinese and International Students of Zhejiang University was successfully held on Zijingang Campus. The conference attracted more than 100 Chinese and international students from more than 30 countries.

The conference was organized by the ZJU Master Teachers Office for China Studies (International Students) and the Zhejiang University Student Model United Nations Association (ZJUMUN) served as the undertaker. Co-organizers included the ZJU Foreign Expert & Student Service Center, the International Student Union (ISU), the International Students Art Group (ISAG), and the ZJU International Campus Student Model United Nations Association. "Children are the future of a country and our world." For a long time, the protection of children's rights and interests has been a topic of global attention. Coming from different cultural backgrounds, Chinese and foreign youths of ZJU came together to discuss world issues and explore global governance with a focus on "Ensuring Children‘s rights in the post-pandemic era".

The opening ceremony commenced on the 13th of April, 9:00 a.m. Prof. TANG Xiaowu, Vice Dean of the ZJU International College, delivered a keynote speech on the stage, in which he expressed his warm welcome to the participating students. He then elaborated on his insights on cultivating the knowledge of internationalization within ZJU students, and said that the Model United Nations Conference (MUNC) is a good platform for exchanges between Chinese and international students. He also expressed hope for all students to exchange their knowledge and build new friendships, making their own contributions to build a community with a shared future for mankind. As a closing remark, he wished the event a great success on behalf of the organizers.

ZHOU Peifeng (China), an undergraduate student majoring in translation from the School of International Studies (SIS), was the Dais Head of the conference and welcomed the delegates by giving an in-depth introduction of the topic. Xue Bai (Russia), an undergraduate student majoring in International Economics and Trade from the School of Economics, gave a speech on behalf of the delegates, sharing her motivation for attending the conference and expressed her gratitude to the organizers. Finally, the Secretary-General of the conference, LI Sibai (China), an undergraduate student majoring in Spanish from the School of International Studies (SIS), took the stage and said that this conference opens a gateway for participants to deepen their understanding on the protection of children's rights, and also serves as a platform for young people of all countries to take up the responsibility of the times. Lastly, he expressed that he looked forward to hearing the wonderful speeches of delegates and announced the official opening of the conference by pounding the gavel.

The hosts of the opening ceremony include Tungamirai Eric Mupona (Zimbabwe), a PhD student majoring in International Affairs and Global Governance from the School of Public Affairs, and YU Han (China), an undergraduate student of Journalism and Communication from the School of Journalism and Communication.

During the three sessions which spanned across one and a half days, delegates launched their own reflections and discussions on the topic of protecting children's rights and interests’  in the post-pandemic era, conducting in-depth exchanges on the topics of access to education, gender inequality, the root causes of children rights violations, and more. In the second session, the International Students art Group (ISAG) was invited to perform during the half-time interval, and expressed their hopes that art would bring hope to children and create a better future for the next generation.

On the noon of April 14th, the conference came to an end. Afterwards, the Dais members, composed of both Chinese and international students, awarded certificates of merit and certificates of participation to the delegates. Hence, the 2nd Zhejiang University Model United Nations Conference for Chinese and International Students came to a successful end!

Let’s hear what the participants have to say:

Miran KA (Japan), Global Communication & Governance (GCM), Undergraduate

I want to express my deep gratitude to my fellow DAIS members. Our collaborative efforts truly exemplify the significance of MUN, acting as a bridge between cultures. To the delegates, I extend my thanks for the spirited debates and discussions, showcasing the challenges of consensus-building and reminding us that continuous self-improvement is essential. I'm excited to witness the ongoing evolution of this event into a platform that celebrates the diversity of ZJU.

Winner of Best Delegate

Ayesha Sohail (Pakistan), Clinical Medicine (MBBS), Undergraduate

It was an enlightening experience for me, full of passionate delegates, proactive discussions, and international points of view! The atmosphere was brimming with ideas, curiosity, and enthusiasm! I look forward to participating in the next MUN hosted by ZJU!


XU Anyi (China), English, Undergraduate

This is my first time participating in a Model United Nations event, and undoubtedly, it was amazing for me. What made me most impressive is that this conference has brought together friends from different cultures around the world. When they represent their countries in the conference, I deeply feel the sense of mission and responsibility they carry. which has made the debates and negotiations in the conference more genuine and meaningful. I believe this is also a major charm of the conference. Through this conference, we have not only gained a deeper understanding of the topics discussed during the session and experienced how the United Nations conference operate, but more importantly, we have had the opportunity to truly communicate with people from various countries around the world and formed our profound friendships.


GUOK Enqi (Singapore),

Chinese Language & Literature, Undergraduate

Participating in the Conference, I deeply felt its unique charm and far-reaching significance. At the meeting, representatives from various countries held heated discussions, demonstrating their outstanding diplomatic style. Not only did I learn knowledge about international affairs, but I also deeply realized the importance of communication and collaboration. This experience made me understand even more that as contemporary college students, we need to have a global perspective, pay attention to international trends, and contribute to building a community with a shared future for mankind. 



Administration Management, Master student

Conference was educational and entertaining at the same time, it served as a platform for learning, unlearning and reshaping the way I view the World.


Saboor Saeed (Pakistan) 

Psychiatry and mental health, PhD student

I’ve never participated in a MUN meeting before and it has left me with a sense of amazement. The opportunity to collaborate and contribute towards a common goal of improving children’s mental health globally has been both inspiring and fulfilling.

Author Xiaoran YE