Zhejiang University Held the First Academic Forum for Advanced International Students of Higher Education Institutions in the Yangtze River Delta Region
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From June 23 to 25, 2024, the first Academic Forum for Advanced International Students of Higher Education Institutions in the Yangtze River Delta Region, hosted by the China Scholarship Council and organized by Zhejiang University, was successfully held at Zhejiang University. Nearly one hundred high-level international students and outstanding international student supervisors from 18 universities in the Yangtze River Delta region, including Zhejiang University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Nanjing University, and the University of Science and Technology of China, participated in this forum.

The participating students came from 37 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Japan, Russia, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Zimbabwe.

Opening Ceremony

The Yangtze River Delta region is one of the most economically dynamic, open, and innovative areas in China, as well as a pioneering and demonstration zone for regional integration development. Numerous high-level universities in the region attract outstanding high-level international students from around the world with their strong educational resources, excellent research capabilities, and distinct advantages. This forum, themed Empowering the Future with New Qualities, and Envisioning the Regional Development,aimed to showcase the excellent academic achievements of high-level international students in the Yangtze River Delta region, enhance mutual exchange and learning, improve students' academic innovation awareness and academic expression skills, and promote the high-quality development of international education in China. At the same time, by strengthening cooperation and exchanges among universities in the Yangtze River Delta region, it contributed to the promotion of regional integration development.

Wang Yufen, Executive Vice Dean of the International College of Zhejiang University, delivered a welcome speech

Reports by doctoral tutor of international students

The forum featured four parallel sub-forums in Science and Engineering, Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Agricultural, Life and Environment Sciences, and Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences, where international students focused on cutting-edge theories and hot issues in their respective fields, engaging in academic exchanges and discussions. The forum invited doctoral tutors of international student to give reports on how to conduct scientific research, how to enhance academic capabilities, and how to integrate into the research team and play a significant role. During the forum, students also created academic posters to showcase their new academic achievements, further strengthening academic exchange among students from different universities. In the salon session, students engaged in discussions on topics such as the difficulties and pains of academic paper writing, cultural adaptation in China, the path to academic innovation, and how to integrate into China's research life, promoting the collision of ideas and in-depth exchanges.

International Student Academic Poster Exhibition

During the event, students visited the Urban Balcony in Hangzhou's Qianjiang New City, enjoying in the magical light shows and beautiful folk music along the banks of the Qianjiang River, marveled at the grandeur of the 19th Asian Games stadium, and fully appreciating the historical depth and cultural richness of the city, and the remarkable achievements made during the period of reform and opening up of China.

International Student Academic Report

International Student Academic Salon

Perception of Hangzhou Activity

Summarizing and Sharing

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